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Price of Garage Door Opener Replacement

Price of Garage Door Opener ReplacementThe two main factors which determine the price of garage door opener replacement are the price of the device itself and the cost of the replacement service. An opener with averagely powerful motor, chain drive and basic remote controls and safety sensors can cost just slightly over $100. An advanced screw drive or belt drive unit, which comes with internet connectivity and a wide range of additional accessories such battery back-up and wall-mounted sensor monitor, can cost up to $400. The quality and durability of the unit have an impact on the price as well as the technologies which it is equipped with.

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The cost of the replacement service will depend on the amount and complexity of the work which has to be done. If special parts have to be used for the installation, this will push the cost up. One example is the replacement of the originally provided mounting gear with a stronger angle iron.


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Price of Garage Door Opener Replacement - Garage Door Repair Concord, CA