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Why Your Garage Door Won’t Close

11/14/2013 Back To Blog

It’s the most common complaint you hear from frustrated owners of a residential garage door system.  “The one thing it’s supposed to do, it’s not doing!”  You press the remote, and… nothing.  You’re in a rush; you need to leave.  Instead of wringing your hands, here are some things to check – your problem might be entirely fixable.

The easy things to check

The number one cause of the garage door opening is something simple: your remote’s battery isn’t charged. It sounds simple, but just like checking to see if your computer is plugged in before you call technical support, checking your remote controls is always the first thing you want to do.  The second thing to do right away is to make sure the vacation switch isn’t engaged.  Most retail garage door openers have a “Vacation / Lock out” switch on the wall-mounted control panel, right next to the controls for the lights.  It’s quite easy to accidentally switch on this mostly useless feature.

If your door still won’t open…

The next thing is check the receivers, which can be in various places depending on the installation.  Make sure the sensors are aligned – they need to be able to ‘talk’ to each other in order for your system to function properly.  Check to see if they’re in direct sunlight, too.  Sometimes the sun can ‘blind’ the sensors, which is part of the design.  If this is happening, you might need to move them further into the garage.

If these simple checks fail, it may be time to contact us for some more information and assistance.  With these simple ideas, you can save yourself a lot of time when your system breaks down.

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