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The industry experts deal with these garage door repair FAQs. Find all the information in one place.

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How long are my garage doors expected to last?

The normal torsion springs are expected to last for about 10,000 cycles. A cycle generally refers to one act of opening and closing of the garage door. During this time, the steel spring is experiencing force when the door opens and closes. Eventually, the steel breaks and cracks, generally releasing its well stored energy. In order to avoid situations like this, our experts  suggest referring to your manual.

How long should my new garage door opener last?

This can vary greatly depending on the type of opener, how often it is in use and the particular model. New models can have a standard lifespan of anywhere from ten to twenty years. Good maintenance routines may even extend this to twenty five years. However, we suggests you consider the cost of repairs or replacement parts for an obsolete model against replacement costs. As technology moves on you may find maintaining an older model to be cost prohibitive.

Should I choose a door based on the location?

Garage door repair pros advise homeowners to choose their doors carefully based on the climate and the neighborhood. If you live in Concord and close to the sea, then a glass door would add to the look, but if there is high humidity then wooden doors are not recommended as they are sensitive to temperature. Metal doors made using aluminum and steel are some of the best options available.

What garage door motor should I choose?

Your first priority is to get the right horsepower because the lifting capacity of your garage door opener must meet the demands of your door. Most residential garage doors of average weight would need ½ horsepower according to our specialists in Concord but if the door is particularly heavy, you might need ¾ hp.

What makes fiberglass doors an ideal option?

Fiberglass doors have many benefits. This type of door requires minimal upkeep. Fiberglass material is lightweight and apart from this, it offers advantages like resistance to translucency and salt air corrosion. If you want this type of garage door, call our door specialists to help you find the right fiberglass door for your home.

Why is maintenance the best garage door tune-up?

Garage door maintenance is the best way to rejuvenate the entire garage system according to our specialists in Concord. When garage door parts are repaired and lubricated, the whole system works better. The garage door moves smoother and serious problems are prevented.

What is the main characteristic of wind load doors?

The reason for having wind load doors is to be sure of your safety. Such doors are reinforced with extra bars, brackets and low gauge steel garage door tracks. They are stronger and tested by manufacturers in California for their resistance in wind pressure. Such things are important for the avoidance of problems during hurricane seasons.

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